This award was given to Stephen Brodsky on January 16, 2015 honoring everything he has done for music in the past twenty years. It riffs on an obscure song of his called "The Black Ribbon Award."
Made in Rhino, printed in black nylon via Shapeways. Most of the elements were taken from the (Dis)enchantment Pendant which was being worked on at the same time. The hinge was my first attempt at a direct print with an interlocking part. Not fully knowing beyond tolerance guidelines how much clearance was actually required more space was built in than needed. It was an interesting learning experience but a fun one.
Instead of photorealistic renderings, which was the original plan, photographs were taken and heavily edited to show the same amount of detail. The piece is small, a little over an inch high. If you have never worked with Shapeways' black strong and flexible plastic it has a very grainy texture that can print very sharp details but the color is so dark that they are swallowed up by the shadows.
This holds a very special place in my heart because it went to someone whose work has always inspired mine. 
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