Made in Rhino and Meshmixer
Fabricated using various materials and printing processes to explore the limitations of the design and push the boundaries of 3D printing.
Featured in FIT Portfolios on 10/26/2015. (Tumblr and Behance)
Chosen for the launch of Shapeways’ curated jewelry marketplace.
Black: Printed in nylon via Shapeways. 
Pink: FDM printed in PLA on an Ultimaker2. It prints support free. 
- Shown at "The Additive Hand – Contemporary Jewelry Made Through 3D Printing," an exhibition part NYC Jewelry Week 2018
Steel: Sintered in bronze infused steel via Shapeways. 
-Worn by a diplomat at UK Trade & Investment (UKTI): Great Tech Awards 2015

The Additive Hand – Contemporary Jewelry Made Through 3D Printing

The Set NYC’s “Fashion Week New York S/S 2017 'Day One'”

Photo credit for both photos of the bracelets in the case:  Jim Sewastynowicz 

FIT Portfolios' Tumblr

This happened while I was at iMakr. She knew the owner of the company, my boss. I don't remember her name.

Shapeways' Jewelry Marketplace after the launch

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