Geometric sculptures recreated for Swain McCaughrin of MisAssembled. Her work can be found and purchased at
All pieces were replicated to scale however the aesthetic was more important. It was acknowledged that when shrinking and replicating large complex pieces parts might have to be shifted or altered slightly to insure that it is structurally sound while abiding by printing tolerances and guidelines. Creative freedom and best judgement was allowed as long as the aesthetic and shape was kept.   
Paper pyramids that were originally a headpiece recreated in Rhino and scaled to be part of a ring. Below is the original paper pyramid and the ring it turned into with renders of the original model that was replicated to scale and the created ring. A skeletal, cage like, version was created as well using T-Splines.
Gold cardboard triangles glued together replicated to scale in Rhino to become a pendant. There were many design and scale changes that required edges to be altered. Below is the original piece and the final pendant.
Polygon Earrings:
Wood earrings replicated to scale in Rhino. Original earrings are below.  
This model has a variation of lines creating a skeletal, cage like, form using T-Splines. 
A ring was derived from the earrings as well. 
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