A pendant designed in Rhino, printed and cast in silver with a pink/orange bicolored tourmaline. I did not make the basket setting for the stone but it was made to my specifications.
The idea was conceived during the summer of 2013, on the same paper as the "Caged" Necklace, and fabricated mid 2015. 
It took a long time because I was a little hesitant to print this because of the size, how heavy it would be, and the price of the fabrication and post production. I was also very worried about the setting snapping off during the casting and the shrinkage, which led to working with my setter to create a setting that would support the stone while showing its beauty. 
The one of a kind pendant was designed for the stone which had been purchased at a trade show in 2013.

Due to overwhelming feedback this has been added: This is one of a kind and will not be sold. Replication would require a complete redesign plus a new stone and setting each time it was produced. It was not designed with the intent of reproduction. I truly appreciate and am flattered that so many are interested in the pendant however to avoid being crestfallen later it is being said here. 

The inspiration for the pendant's name has been removed due to the pendant coming up in searches for the band that inspired it. Feel free to ask, I'd love to tell you about it. This page is also listed in the Internet Archive and includes it. 
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