When I originally designed this piece in 2012 3D printing technology was not advanced enough for my design. I ended up working out the specifications in Rhino and fabricating it by hand. In 2015 I was able to print my original design on a FDM printer. My design was flawed in many ways but I am honored that the advancements in technology allowed me to print it after all of those years.
Both rings are shown here because of this.
Hand fabricated: Brass, Silver, Pink Gold and Rhodium Plated, Diamonds, Etching, Sandblasting, Laser Welding The butterfly was originally a sketch that was brought into Photoshop to be refined. The handwriting was also brought in and scaled down to fit the backplate. Both were etched using PnP transfer paper and ferric chloride. The 2mm diamonds were burnish set. The dome and the backplate were laser welded seamlessly. The heart was sandblasted on.
3D Printed: Originally designed in Rhino 4, remade in Rhino 5. Printed in PLA on an Ultimaker2. 
Many of the original concepts have become finished pieces and parts of others. Examples include "Alumide Ring" and "Ruby Ring."

Printed in PLA on an Ultimaker2.
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